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Great news. The pleasure Beach is an employment asset to the town and this news will assist in protecting all existing jobs and bring some new ones to the park. We have all knocked PB down the years but the cold hard truth is its success is key to the town's fortunes.

Cars are barred, of course, Bodger's store has gone, but the scene is not too dissimilar.Our other pictures include a group of young ladies modelling the latest fashions in 1969, outside the Howard Mallett Club in Cambridge. See anyone you know?In 1978, as pretty as a picture, the royal family of that year's Arbury Carnival, the Carnival Queen and her princesses, pose for the camera on one of the floats.And at Longsands School in St Neots, in October 1984, three young men are showing off their golfing skills.Young folk are among the protesters staging a demonstration outside Cambridgeshire County Discount football Jerseys Council's Shire Hall headquarters. The event was part of a http://www.bestnflcheapjerseys.com/ campaign in 1978 to save Brunswick School in Cambridge from closure.Looking skyward in October 1970 are little ones from Royston Playgroup, off for a jaunt in the woods.And in 2002, a trio of clowns are making their way through Huntingdon as part of the town's carnival procession.The clocks go back soon, so summer will be a memory, but Mary Rayner thought readers might enjoy her recollections of holidaying in Hunstanton as a girl.She and her parents used to go there by rail from Cambridge.

This results in saving or getting a gas card as a rebate. You can also save on the booking fees by booking it online. Ask for coupons or discounts for online booking, so that it allows some other entertainment free of charge and save money.. The junior who had failed in the competative exam then has already been promoted to scale of 5000 150 8000. But DEO 'B scale is only 4500 125 7000. The DEOs are repending for passing the competative exam and getting a low scale by sixth pay commission.

He disappointed allies in the labor unions by keeping the ban on exporting American crude oil. Lifting the ban might make the price of gasoline to fall further.Politicians who regard pennies as pocket trifles should remember that each additional penny in gasoline tax siphons $1.5 billion from the economy, money that won be spent on other necessities like food and clothing. Retrieving some of the savings that consumers got from the cheap oil, while suffering through years of flat wages, would be heartless indeed.

She quit after her first year when she rationalized her politics would have gotten her thrown out anyway. Afterwards, Rivers tried other communes across the country, moving from her native New Jersey to the Stoneybrook commune in upstate New York. Though it was a successful commune, a bad marriage drove Rivers cross country, first to various communes in rural Oregon, then, as she came to realize her sexuality, to the Hog Farm, a growing lesbian commune in New Mexico.

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